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History of Punjab - sukhbir singh badal

The phrase Punjab, derived via Persian term "punj" this means five along with "ab" meaning water, will be the prosperous terrain associated with 5 rivers. Punjab will be divided between Pakistan along with India, but this fertile terrain has a rich history and are available inside accounts of the Vedas, the particular Puranas as well as the Ramayana.

Punjab enjoys the particular exclusive status regarding hawaii the place where the oldest guide of human history, Rig-Veda was written. This particular prolific state provides always been an embodiment of academic excellence. This has been the ancient center involving grammar, law, astrology along with medicine. the importance associated with Punjab was also felt simply by Mughals whom mentioned about this prosperous region in their books. Accounts associated with Punjab are also discovered inside the publications "Tarikh-e-Sher Shah", "Ain-e-Akbar" as well as "Tuzk-e-Janhageeri" published by simply great Mughal Emperors.

After the conquest of Punjab through King Darius, individuals of the region took more than as staunch believers associated with Buddhism. However, through the particular years Punjab underwent any great offer of adjust religiously when Guru Nanak Dev preached Sikhism for the people, Punjab became a new Sikh majority area.

Historically, Punjab will be rich also it is considered through the historians that the region regarding Punjab had been breeding ground regarding the world oldest civilizations such as the Indus Valley (7000 BC), Harappa along with Mohenjo-Daro (3000 BC). These kinds of civilizations later on declined and fall into oblivion. Your terrain involving Punjab had been then raided by simply Aryans which originated in North West firstly as migrants then ruled via 1500 to always be able to 500 BC. That They had been the actual when whom introduced the actual language associated with Sanskrit and also Rig-Veda was published during the rule associated with Aryans.

Punjab enjoined the great Persian Empires, consequently right after Aryans, it came under the rule involving Persia. King Darius involving Persia can be reported to be the really first invader of Punjab and also captured a amount of parts, but the entire Punjab came below the actual rule with the Persian Empire throughout the reign King Gustasp within 516 BC. However about 321 BC Alexander the particular Fantastic invaded Punjab and crushed the particular maintain Persian dynasty. Alexander following his invasion divided Punjab directly into a pair of cities which he gave all of them under the actual control of the Greeks and Macedonians also it thrived along with prospered even after his departure.

Arab rose towards the power after the birth associated with Islam within the 6th Century and also challenged the mighty rule with the Persians. during 711-713 AD Arabs expanded their particular empire and also advanced in your direction of Punjab invading Multan. Mahmud ascended your throne within 997 after his father Subuktgin death, was successful in conquering Punjab. He had been later replaced through Ghauris which expanded their particular empire for you to Delhi and ruled Punjab as well as the vast majority of your India until the establishment regarding great Mughal Dynasty.

However your reigns of Punjab had been later taken simply by Sikh which got into power through 1700 in order to 1849 AD. Ranjit Singh, who had been noted for his unwavering power set up Sikh Empire, which in turn lasted till 1849 once the British annexed Punjab and also ended the really amazing rule involving Sikhs. However, throughout Indian struggle for independence, Punjab Sikhs played a main role and thus are nevertheless remembered regarding his or her courage as well as mighty strength. Individuals associated with Punjab actively participated within the War associated Sukhbir Badal with Independence (1857) and inside addition faced your ferocious atrocity by the hands of Britishers throughout the Jalianwala Bagh massacre.

The contemporary Punjab is the territory involving diverse culture which usually offers prospered and also achieved tremendous growth after the green revolution throughout 1970s. This kind of terrain may always be the backbone of India and this region satisfy the demands of the country's meals supply. Thus Punjab may always be the coronary heart associated with India and will be also considered since the middle involving political and economic progress.

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